Residence 5, Dickinson Meadow, Amherst MA

house night north

DM5 (RKM) This experimental 2,900 sf 3-bedroom home with a supplemental apartment features a solar courtyard at the heart of the house.  Constructed with locally-harvested timbers and insulated fiber-cement panels, the house has both an ancient Japanese and modern feel, with light filtering in through shoji-like Kalwall translucent insulated panels.   Innovations throughout the house support a more environmentally-friendly household—an interior laundry-hanging system, a super work-capable compact kitchen, space-saving storage solutions.  With passive solar design, a wood-fired masonry heater and an 8 Kw solar array, this near-net-zero house is both efficient and comfortable.

Rice Associates, Jim Smith – Carpenter, Architectural Timber and Millwork, 4-Mat Design, Leonard Morse-Fortier P.E.




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